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Established in 2005, the owners of Bast Emergency saw a need for an all-in-one professional service.


Having participated in motor-sports events themselves, they found that the first aid teams were more reactive than proactive. Experiencing the services first hand, they knew the dysfunction and how they wanted to shape their company.


Striving to be the best in the industry, Bast Emergency is not just a first aid service. We provide both basic / advanced life support, and "symptom relief" medication which allows us to stand out from our competitors.


Our mission is to ensure the highest level of care.


Bast Emergency bases the rates on the size and risk level of each event. Our number one goal is to ensure that you have the level of care needed that fits your budget. The pricing structure takes into account the number of staff and equipment needed and we guarantee that there are no hidden costs; breaking down each element of the service for you for easy clarification.


Not only do we offer price matching, but we also provide special rates for charities.

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